Leimonias Laver Cup, de eerste editie

Op zaterdag 11 november nodigde de internationale community van Leimonias alle leden uit voor een Dutch vs. the World toernooi. Lees hier de geestige samenvattingen van Marie-Hélène in het Frans en van David in het Engels. Het is de moeite waard!!!

Word from the Internationals Captain


Much planning was put into organising a first official edition of the Laver Dutch versus Internationals trophy on 11 November 2023. 


Leading up to the big weekend there was much uncertainty whether storm Ciary, or Debby, or other, would thwart well-made plans. On the morning of 11th November we all woke up expecting a day of intermittent sun but were confronted with the usual Dutch four-seasons-in-one-day weather. Not to be held back, all participants bravely made their way through the rain in anticipation of this battle. Amazingly as if by some divine intervention at exactly the moment Regina finished her welcome speech the sun joined us and lit up our battle grounds (the smash courts). 


As Captain of the Internationals it was my honour to lead this team. I was glad to do so in honour of a since departed dear friend and legend of the Club, Timothy (Timbo) Davis, who organised single handedly earlier informal versions of this event, and even made the Timbo Guinness Cup which has a proud place in the Leimonias trophy cabinet. He was missed by us all but had given so much in the past that we felt compelled to play in his spirit of friendly super competitiveness, "Aussie style"!


I am proud to say that after hours of friendly rivalries on the court - my team, the Internationals, won this event - and that - by only 2 points. Surely each and every one of us Internationals can think of the moment we won a game we nearly didn't, or lost fewer than expected, or indeed contained a stronger rival and in this way can reflect on exactly the moment each of us contributed directly to this victory. I am sure each of the Dutch players can think correspondingly to a moment they lost a game they shouldn't have, which led to their ultimate downfall but that is sport and that is competition and someone needed to win! 


A small note of thanks to the Dutch team for donning their ever so impressive orange armour and coming to challenge us. The Internationals wearing white the colour of peace, looked also the part! A MASSIVE thank you to Danielle (proud captain) of the Dutch team for her cheerful and competitive spirit and grace in accepting defeat.


A few noteworthy performances noted me as Captain: Queen Regina I, the ever so cheerful and wonderful Chief organiser (who didn't hit a ball in pursuit of perfect organisation skills). She used her German/Swedish efficiency to great effect. Also, to Edgaras (Eddie the eagle) who supported me with co-captain duties. Equally, to Patrick (Sir Padraig) and Marie-Hélène for wonderful organisation, humour and motivation. Also, a big welcome to a new rising star, Thomas from Switzerland, who performed brilliantly with his serve volley game. Please look him up and challenge him sometime.


Thank you to all for taking part. I am looking forward to next year. I fully expect that the Internationals will continue to win this prestigious trophy but I do very much appreciate the Oranje-men and women coming out to try and take our Guinness Cup! 


Until next time!


David Flaherty

Captain of the Internationals team / Laver Guinness Cup



Le Club de tennis Leimonias a accueilli la première compétition  « Leimonias Laver Cup - Dutch v Internationals »  le 11 novembre 2023. 


Ce tournoi a permis de réunir au sein du club, plus de 45 joueurs de tennis nationaux et internationaux, de mixer les talents et nationalités et de créer une véritable ambiance amicale et conviviale entre tous.


Sous la direction des Capitaines, Danielle pour les Néerlandais et David pour les Internationaux, chacune des équipes a pris part à cette compétition de doubles bravant le froid et les intempéries de la journée et mixant les nationalités, niveaux et talents de chacun et ceci dans une atmosphère certes compétitive mais toujours conviviale. 


Tous se sont retrouvés à la fin autour d’un verre de réconfort et pour ceux qui pouvaient rester un peu plus tard, un délicieux repas préparé dans la chaleureuse brasserie de Hanna et Marcel.


Oui mais alors qui a gagné la Laver Cup?? Et bien, pour cette première edition de la Leimonias Laver Cup 2023… les Internationaux ont remporté le trophée, le fameux « Timbo Guinness Cup »… de justesse, à seulement 2 jeux de différence!

Le comité d’organisation Patrick D., David, Albert, Marie-Hélène et Regina, remercions tous les participants de cette première édition et attendons avec impatience la prochaine édition organisée par le Club!



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