Special Student membership

Come play with us!

Leimonias offers a special membership for students.

You only pay 110 euro for the annual Leimonias student-membership. Additionally, you pay a one-off registration fee of 20 euro and a yearly KNLTB contribution of 18,52 euro.

You can play all year long, 7 days a week and on top of that you can participate in the free weekly student clinic, facilitated by one of our professional tennis teachers.

Leimonias has 14 floodlit tennis courts, of which 6 all weather courts, so you can also play at night and during wintertime. Our recently renovated clubhouse features a spacious and sunny terrace, a cozy bar where you can enjoy a drink and a bistro where you can have a delicious meal at an affordable price. During the year Leimonias organizes numerous fun activities and tournaments. 

Everyone is welcome at Leimonias, whether you are a beginner or an advanced tennis player. We offer tennis lessons with professional teachers and you can participate in the regional tennis competition if you like. But if you prefer just to play with your friends, no problem!

A large enthusiastic and increasing group of students from The Hague is already playing at our club, so you will always find a fellow student to play with and you will have the opportunity to make new friends!

Convinced? Go directly to the  Leimonias registration form to register for the special student membership.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our student-coordinator Stephanie de Groot: student@leimonias.nl

Hope to see you soon at HLTC Leimonias!  

*Additional information about the student-membership: 

  • Leimonias membership runs the calendar year (1th January–31th December). If you want to end membership for the next calendar year, send an e-mail to secretaris@leimonias.nl  before the 1th of December
  • When you become a member as of 1st of July of a calendar year you get 50% discount on the membership fee; you only pay 60 euro (July-December).  
  • For students using a Sports & Fitness Pass from THUAS (De Haagse Hoge School)/HHS), you can join a free clinic at the club.  For questions regarding the THUAS sports pass please send an e-mail to the Sportcampus: campus@hhs.nl.  
  • We have a special offer for Students using the "Sports & Fitness Pass "of THUAS (De Haagse Hoge School). With this Sports & Fitness Pass you get a 25 euro discount on the annual Leimonias membership. This pass can be bought at THUAS (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) or at HHS (Haagse Hoge School) at the Sport Campus. Inquiries: campus@hhs.nl
  • Also see: www.thehagueuniversity.com/sports www.dehaasgehogeschool.nl/sport. 
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National Student Championships (NSK) at Leimonias in 2022

We are proud to inform you that in may 2022 the NSK Tennis (Dutch National Student Championships) will be held at Leimonias.  The Hague has never been able  to organise a NSK in any other sport before, so this is a real milestone. Leimonias is happy to organise this great event for the first time since the club was found 131 years ago.

The tournament will be held from 1st till 5th of May 2022.

Are you interested to help organising this event and having a great time; please mail to student@leimonias.nl 


Leimonias Students at the GNSK 2019 !

The GNSK (Great National Student Championships) tournament was held this year in Amsterdam. This year it was the first time that The Hague was able to organise a sports team. A tennis team was formed with 5 people of which 3 are Leimonias members: Karin Vernooi, Darja Shumska and Leon Storath. Leimonias is very proud to have been able to represent 3 students to this team. The players have battled very hard and have played some nice but tough matches.

Leimonias also was represented in the Rotterdam Student team by Mick Rooth. Mick plays for Leimonias  since he was 14 years old. Mick and his team have played also some real good matches and were able to beat all other city-student teams and became the winner of the GNSK ! Congratulations Mick ! Next year he and his team are welcome to join the world student games in Servie !       

The Hague Student Tennis Party

All students are welcome to join the The Hague Student Tennis Party on Saturday 30th of March at 16:00 hours. Please register by sending an email with your name to student@leimonias.nl.

Everybody with a Student Pass is welcome: whether you are a well-advanced player or whether you have never played before !  You can either go for a tennis clinic for beginners or join a mini tournament from 16:00 till 17:30.  

Costs EUR 7,50 for an afternoon tennis, dinner, 5 drinks and DJ !