Centenary Tennis Club

HLTC Leimonias is (tot nu toe) als enige Nederlandse tennisvereniging lid van de "Centenary Tennis Clubs Association". 

Van deze internationale vereniging maken tennisclubs deel uit die tenminste 100 jaar "jong" zijn. Deze vereniging van tennisclubs is opgericht in 1996 en is aangesloten bij de ITF (International Tennis Federation) en is erkend door de IOC (International Olympic Committee). 

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CTC holds 22nd Annual General Meeting in Lausanne

The Centenary Tennis Clubs Association (CTC) held its 22nd Annual General Meeting in Lausanne on Saturday 24th November, 2018. Four new clubs were accepted as members of the Association; Ladies’ Recreation Club (Hong Kong), Manila Polo Club (Philippines), River Forest Tennis Club (Illinois, USA) and Murcia Tennis Club (Spain), which celebrates its centenary in 2019. This brings the total number of CTC member clubs to a new record high of 74. 

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