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For information about subscriptions etc. please contact the secretary, Gerrit van der Werff, 070 – , All other information regarding your membership (application for or termination of membership) please contact Liesbeth Diekmann, Zeekant 100 D, 2586 JG Den Haag. 070 – 354 4640, Changes of address, telephone number and/or e-mail address may be done directly by yourself through the website, ‘ledenadministratie’ by logging in under your own KNLTB number and password.

Membership fees 2012

Categorie Euro In %
Senior 288 100
Aspirant senior (17-18 jaar) 173 60
Junior 173 60
Student/morningmember 75  
Senior 80  
Aspirant senior 40  
Junior 40  
Student 25  
Donors 30  

Family members, living at the same address, membership fees are reduced pro rato.

Payment is due before 1 April (and for new members within one month after having received the invoice for the membership fee). Administration fees (15 euro) will be charged for late payment. Members paying after 1 May will, in addition, be subject to a fine (art. 5,3 HR).


  • The Club membership period is from January the 1st to December the 31st.
  • Adult members are those who are residents of The Hague or surrounding municipalities and who are 17 years of age or older on January the 1st.
  • Junior members are those who are residents of The Hague or surrounding municipalities and who are not yet 17 years of age on January the 1st.
  • Country members are those who are 17 years of age or older on January the 1st and live outside the area of The Hague and surrounding municipalities i.e. beyond a line joining Katwijk aan Zee, Oegstgeest, Leiden, Zoetermeer, Delft, Naaldwijk and 's-Gravenzande. The Board of Leimonias has the right to make decisions on this matter.
  • Morning members are those who make use of the courts only until 12 noon. They are not allowed to play on Sundays or Public Holidays.
  • Students are those who study at a University or other Tertiary Institutions, who are younger than 30 years of age, and have a valid written proof of enrolment. Applicable for a maximum period of 5 years.



  • To apply for senior or junior membership, please fill out an application form, which you find on the website.
  • Please send the form to mrs Liesbeth Diekmann,   and a passport photo to Mrs Liesbeth Diemann, Zeekant 100D, 2586 JG Den Haag.
  • Applications for junior membership, please fill in the form and send the form to . Please send the passport photo of the junior to mrs A.van Dreven, van Lennepweg 159, 2597 LV Den Haag. For further information about junior memberships, please contact mrs A.van Dreven, 070-3507087.
  • Applications are dealt with in accordance of arrival on the secretary’s desk. One is advised to apply well ahead of the start of the tennis season.

Termination of membership

  • Termination of membership must be done by writing an e-mail to the membership's secretary before the 1st of December, in advance of the start of the new season.
  • Termination letters become valid only when the membership's secretary has acknowledged receipt in writing. This acknowledgement will be sent within two weeks of receipt of the termination announcement letter.


  • Members are requested to wear tennis clothes while playing on the courts at Leimonias. No other sport outfits (e.g. basketball shirts/shorts) in wild colours, are permitted.


Payment is due before 1 April (and for new members within one month after having received the invoice for the membership fee). Administration fees (15 euro) will be charged for late payment and members paying after 1 May will, in addition, be subject to a fine (art. 5,3 HR).

For information about subscriptions etc. please contact the secretary. The secretary should be notified, in writing, of changes of address, phone number etc.

Accountnumber:, ABN-AMRO, Kneuterdijk 1, 's-Gravenhage, t.n.v. H.L.T.C. Leimonias te 's-Gravenhage.

One person may be invited a maximum of 5 times within one tennis season. Payment of 5 euro (adults) and 2,50 euro (children) per occasion, must be made before playing, at the bar in the clubhouse. It is not allowed to introduce guests during the competition period (April and May). The name of the guest and the relevant date must be written in the guest book which is available at the bar.

Members may apply for a holiday membership for house-guests for 37,50 euro per month. Holiday memberships are only possible after June 15.

Rules regarding the use of the Club passes

The electronic court booking system operates in periods of five minutes. Players are assigned the first available court. To book a court each player needs to put his KNLTB tennis pass through the system, and press the button “spelers bevestigen.” An overview of the reservation possibilities appears and by touching the screen, a court can be booked. When playing doubles, all four tennis passes need to be read by the electronic booking system. For a singles match 45 minutes is allotted, for a doubles 90 minutes. Should you have forgotten your tennis pass, please ask the people behind the bar to help in booking a court for you. You do need to identify who you are by showing a driving license or a bank pass. Please do not hesitate to ask assistance from the bar personnel when needed to operate the electronic booking system.

Lost pass?

Members who have lost their pass must report this immediately to the secretary of the Club. Upon payment of 5,00 euro, a new pass will be issued.

Regulations regarding the booking of courts

1.Senior players can only book senior courts. Until 17.45 hrs courts 1 – 10 are senior courts. After 17.45 hrs courts 1 – 13 are senior courts except on

a.Wednesday and Friday afternoons, when there are 2 courts available for senior players between 14.45 hrs and 17.45 hrs. The other courts are reserved for youth training sessions and youth competition (when in progress).

b.Wednesday afternoons between 15th April and 26th May, no courts are available for senior players because of mini-competition activities.

c.On Saturday morning, two senior courts are available for playing until 9.30 hrs. Between 9.30 and 12.30 there are 4 senior courts available. The other courts are reserved for training and competition (when in progress).

2. After 17.45 hrs courts number 13 and 14 are junior courts. Junior courts may only be booked by junior players. Junior courts are indicated on the electronic booking system.

If a junior wants to play with a senior member, he/she has to book a junior court.

During competition days there are no special junior courts available. Junior members may use senior courts, which are not in use, until the moment a senior makes a claim on the court. The junior member is asked to sweep the court and leave.

3.Players who have not reached the 4th playing level are strongly advised NOT

to book court number 1 and 2, unless there are no other courts available. Junior players are not allowed to play on court 1 and 2, unless they received permission from the technical staff.

4.Before and during the competition period the Board may reserve a number of courts for use by competition team members.

5.A court can only be booked on the day it is to be used.

6.Only a few courts may be reserved by telephone by adult members only, after 8.45 hrs. Junior members are not allowed to reserve a court by phone.

7.A member may book only one court at a time and only for a set period of 45 minutes. The names of two players must be noted in the system per period. For doubles one is allowed to reserve 2 adjoining periods of 45 minutes. In that case the names of 4 players must be noted in the electronic system.

At the end of the period one is permitted to book another court.

8.Players who have booked a court, are requested to use this court within 10 minutes of the start of the booked time slot. If this is not done, their right to this court is no longer valid and other players are allowed to use the court.

9.All members are allowed to play on the illuminated courts after dark, free of charge. One is kindly requested to use adjacent courts, to save energy. The lights will dim automatically at 11 pm.

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