Leimonias Tennis Party 2016


31th Leimonias Tennis Party, 19 June 2016.


On Sunday 19 June 2016 the 31th Leimonias Tennis Party, for diplomats, politicians, captains of industry and civil servants, again took place at the beautiful premises of the Haagsche Lawn Tennis Club Leimonias. This prestigious tennis club was founded in 1888 and is still playing in the major league. This year the president of the club, Mr. Tom van Dijk, had the honour to announce that HLTC Leimonias became the champion of the Netherlands for the 21th time. The wonderful big trophy was proudly shown to the participants of the Leimonias Tennis Party.

We want to thank the board of Tom Tom, Royal Vopak and APM Terminals for their generous contribution to this traditional event, as this is crucial for the continuation of the Leimonias Tennis Party.

This year we had close to 85 guests and tennis players and we were lucky with the sunny weather all day. The day started with a warming-up clinic given by our tennis pro’s from the tennis School of Mark Paul Burgersdijk and was well attended by our guests players, which give them the opportunity to meet the other guests in an informal way. After the welcome words by our chairman Pablo Mendes de Leon and introducing the other committee members, Sam Crommelin, Marie Louise and myself, Sam gathered the players for their first series of matches. He was assisted by Pierre Duboue-Sadron and both did a wonderful job getting the players, who were full of confidence and courage,  on the right courts.

After the last round of the first series was played and the Dutch luncheon was served, we were surprised by a wonderful presentation by Mr. Tonko Grever, Director and Conservator of the Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam. The Museum is worth a visit and also a very nice location for official activities.

 In the afternoon the last three rounds were played and at 16.30 hours drinks and small bites were offered, while announcing the prize winners of this year.

The first prize for the ladies went to Li Wenyi, (Embassy of China) and the first prize for the men went to Yaser Heda, (Tom Tom),  who maintains the title from last year! Both Li Wenyi and Yaser Heda won the silver challenge trophy to hold and return again. Both their names will be engraved on the silver plate. The second prize for the ladies went to Aagje van Heekeren, member of HLTC Leimonias and for the men to Thomas Boyd, APM Terminals. The third prize for the ladies went to Kanae Kanki, OPCW and for the men to Alvaro Marcelo Moerzinger, (Ambassador of Uruquay).

We thank Tom Tom for the nice watches donated for the prize winners of the tournament and the exclusive selection of wines by the Chinese Embassy.

We also want to thank our groundsman, who made it possible to play on the perfect courts and our caterer and his crew for the nice exclusive Dutch luncheon, following the Wimbledon tradition.  

The Committee was impressed by the high standard of playing performed by our guests. Considering the many reactions we received from you, we take pleasure in organizing the 32th edition of the Leimonias Tennis Party in 2017 and hopefully we can welcome you again.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Pablo Mendes de Leon, Sam Crommelin and Marie -Louise Martens,

Roberta Flinkerbusch-van Cooten,

Juni 2016


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