The Leimonias Studs Committee

We are very pleased to introduce the newly formed Leimonias Students Committee! In short we will call this committee "the Leimonias Studs".  The committee consists of 5 students; Darja Sumska, Julia Richardson, Karin Verneij, Lejla Besic and Dorienne Bruinen. 




The Studs Committee will create a 2020 social tennis activity agenda for students and lead the promotion of Leimonias as the Studs tennis club to the various student educations we have in The Hague. They will be responsible for forming student competition teams, will try to attract a few sponsors; companies who focus on students as a target group and they will start preparing themselves to manage the Nationale Student Kampioenschappen Tennis (NSK) which will be held in 2021 at Leimonias. The NSK 2020 is held in Amsterdam in May. Our Studs Committee will join this NSK to play and to understand what the organisation of this event will mean. 

We are also proud to inform you that this year The Hague will deliver a tennis team to the “GNSK”; being the annual Dutch Student Championships for 12 sports held in Enschede 5,6 and 7 June. This tennis team will consist of 6 Leimonias Student players: Darja Samska, Anne Witsch, Eefje Francken, Jan Albertz, Andrei Breban and Jan Kumper. It very well could be that you see them at Leimonias as they have already started practising together !

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