Leimonias Students at the GNSK 2019 !

The GNSK (Great National Student Championships) tournament was held this year in Amsterdam. This year it was the first time that The Hague was able to organise a sports team. A tennis team was formed with 5 people of which 3 are Leimonias members: Karin Vernooi, Darja Shumska and Leon Storath. Leimonias is very proud to have been able to represent 3 students to this team. The players have battled very hard and have played some nice but tough matches.

Leimonias also was represented in the Rotterdam Student team by Mick Rooth. Mick plays for Leimonias  since he was 14 years old. Mick and his team have played also some real good matches and were able to beat all other city-student teams and became the winner of the GNSK ! Congratulations Mick ! Next year he and his team are welcome to join the world student games in Servie !       

Students Overzicht