Booking Courts

Book a court at the clubhouse with a membership pass (use a temporary pass one from the bar until you receive your own) or book online through our website or club app. You will receive the personal internet booking codes and instructions by mail.


  1. Swipe your KNLTB pass of all the players through the card reader (2 passes for single, 4 passes for double).
  2. Names and corresponding pictures will show on the screen.
  3. Choose between two buttons: Eerste vrije baan (1st available court) or baan overzicht (court overview).
    1. When selecting eerste vrije baan, choose court and book.
    2. When selecting baanoverzicht, choose playing time and choose which court you want to play.

Change the booking? press the button mijn reserveringen (my bookings) > muteer (change) or verwijder (delete) and via for example dashboard, create a new booking


Or book very easily through our website or club app:

  1. Login with your user name and password.
  2. Go on the website to Vereniging > Afhangbord > Online reserveren.
  3. Select the members you would like to play with. The system remembers who you've played with. 
  4. Click "overzicht" (overview). You can only book fixed periods. Click "reserveer" (book) on court and time. 
  5. 10 minutes before playing confirm your booking in the clubhouse by swiping your KNLTB pass through the machine. 
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